Whether in the Venetian footsteps of Vivaldi, at the birth of the Owen and Sassoon violins or the scoring of a Sam Peckinpah film, these poems present a wealth of musical scenarios, all interconnected in their themes, tonality and form. Their reverberations reach across time and space, from England and Italy to the Australian outback, with the visual arts also in the mix. And yet the core of this book is deeply personal, the poet present as ten-year-old boy, lover, father, grandfather – or anachronistic witness – at the various trials of life through which creativity and even humour somehow flourish.

Forthcoming from Recent Work Press, September 2022

Read L’ Ospedale della Pietà from Amplitude


“The rich musicality of these poems speaks eloquently of beauty and love, both physical and transcendent. The darker harmonies are often brilliantly jittery in their interwoven and compulsive juxtapositions, accentuating the poems’ silences and apertures. In Chromatic, Munden unlocks the musical performance inside his poems, and the result is transportive and rapturous.” – Cassandra Atherton

Read ‘The Weathercock’, from Chromatic.

UWA Publishing, 2017. Signed copy (inc. UK p&p) £12

The Bulmer Murder

The title poem of this collection chronicles the eighteenth-century trial of Captain John Bolton for the murder of his apprentice girl, Elizabeth Rainbow, in a small village in the north of England where Paul Munden has spent most of his life. The poem’s reflection on the life writing process is complemented by other shadowings, glimpses of strange complicities and dark pastoral musings

Read ‘Tethered’, from The Bulmer Murder

Recent Work Press, 2017. Signed copy (inc. UK p&p) £12

Analogue/Digital: New & Selected Poems

Analogue/Digital brings together poems first published in Faber’s Poetry Introduction 7, and other anthologies and magazines mainly from the 1990s, with recent poems relating to travels – particularly in Australia. In between, there has been a switch from analogue to digital technologies, and this informs the selection, in which themes of loss, survival and changing horizons are reflected in the radical shift. Old and new worlds speak to each other, with their various means of recording the world – past and present – vying for attention.

Smith|Doorstop, 2015. Signed copy (inc. UK p&p) £12

Cover image by David Platts

Asterisk *

Asterisk is a sequence of poems inspired by Shandy Hall, the extraordinary house in Coxwold that was once home to the writer Laurence Sterne. The book is a personal interpretation of things Shandean, combined with photographs of the house and its garden.

Smith|Doorstop, 2011. Signed copy (inc. UK p&p) £14; hardback £20.


This book takes its title from the ancient Castle and village on whose site the present Castle Howard now stands. A close collaboration between photographer and poet has produced an entirely fresh view of the way in which architecture and landscape interact. The joint work was first exhibited at Castle Howard in the Spring of 1999.

Talking Shop, 1989. Signed copy (inc. UK p&p) £6



21 prose poems, written to the theme, as part of a five chapbook set, with Cassandra Atherton’s ‘Pegs’, Paul Hetherington’s ‘Jars’, Jen Webb’s ‘Gaps’ and Jordan Williams’ ‘Nets’. This first in the AUTHORISED THEFT series resulted from discussions connected to the Prose Poetry Project initiated by the International Poetry Studies Institute (IPSI), based at the University of Canberra. Design by Caren Florance.

Published by IPSI, 2015. Signed copy (inc. UK p&p) £3


Another sequence of 21 prose poems, this time exploring Fire as one of the five Taoist Elements. Once again part of a five chapbook set published under the AUTHORISED THEFT imprint by IPSI, 2016.

Signed copy (inc. UK p&p) £3


From the third AUTHORISED THEFT series, Colours, published by Recent Work Press, 2017.

I have appropriated stories from friends and family, (including those for whom orange is either a favourite or least liked colour) and mixed the details somewhat like mixing paint. Painterly concepts are at the fore, with my chosen colour sometimes a dominant tone, sometimes a small highlight.

Signed copy (inc. UK p&p) £3


I have made increasing use of rhyme in my poetry generally, but exploring rhyme within these 21 prose poems represented an intriguing challenge. All of the poems continue the experiment I began in Orange, each poem consisting of a single, unfinished sentence, with the title as part of the whole.

Part of a five chapbook set: Prosody. Published under the AUTHORISED THEFT imprint by Recent Work Press, 2018.

Signed copy (inc. UK p&p) £3

Early Works

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