My first paid literary work was as reader for Stanley Kubrick and I have recently returned to the world of film as writer and co-developer of adapted and original screenplays.

Absaroka Mountain Range. Image: Alamy stock photo

Writer: Six Mile Meadow (in development). An interpretation of the latter days of legendary film director Sam Peckinpah, focusing on his time in Montana, and his long cherished project to bring Castaway (the novella by James Gould Cozzens) to the screen.

Writer: The Darkroom (dir. Monkman), with Kit Monkman, Henrietta Shirazu and Thomas Mattinson (in development).

Script Editor: Deus (dir. Stone, in post-production)

Development Consultant: Macbeth (dir. Monkman, 2018) “The most innovative rethinking of what it means to put Shakespeare on film for decades” – Professor Peter Holland, Chair of the International Shakespeare Association

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