University of Canberra

Since 2015, I have contributed to the annual staff exhibitions, at ANCA and Belconnen Arts Centre – typically in collaboration (with Jen Webb and Paul Hetherington) and with visual artists treating the poems in innovative ways. Handmade books have also been produced. Work has subsequently featured in Art from Down Under, Turchin Center, Boone, NC, USA (2017).

Photo: ‘Shred’, a treatment of the poem ‘Rat Tales’ (from Chromatic) by Caren Florance.

World Meterorological Organization (Geneva)

An exhibition of poems from Feeling the Pressure (British Council 2008) on large screens, accompanied by book launch and a talk to the WMO at the annual World Meteorological Day event, 2008: ‘Observing our planet for a better future’.

The Laurence Sterne Trust at Shandy Hall, Coxwold

The Flourish of Liberty, one of 102 commissioned pages (2019)

Paint her to your own mind, one of 147 commissioned pages (2016)

The Emblem of My Work, one of 169 commissioned pages (2011)

The Black Page, one of 73 commissioned pages (2009)

Mind Your Head: solo exhibition, multimedia poetry installation with books, papers, photographs and video, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield (2012)

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