A Linden Antiphon

I’m delighted to have been commissioned by Archicantiores to write a new poem to commemorate the Grinling Gibbons tercentenary. The poem has been set to music by Alex Woolf, and will be performed for the first time on Monday 2 August 2021, as part of an event organized by the Master Carvers’ Association. A LindenContinue reading “A Linden Antiphon”

Here begins the blog… I won’t know quite what I’m doing here for a while, but I’m committed to writing something about what I’m up to. I’m currently in lockdown, but enjoying the bright crisp weather (rather than the drab damp with which it alternates). I have various writing projects on the go, and will hope to make progress. I need to write something about ‘forgetting’ for the University of Canberra staff exhibition on that theme.

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